fSpy with Multiple Cameras: Perspective Tricks 5

Perspective Tricks 5 : fSpy with Multiple Cameras

How to use fSpy camera matching program with multiple cameras within Blender.

Intro sequence created with Greenscreen within EEVEE.

Perspective Tricks 3 : 3 Dioramas

Three Dioramas, Equal in proportion,
But not in Scale. Can we set up out scene
So camera moves from one unto another
And each appears the same size on the screen?

– well, yeah.

Perspective Tricks 2 : Leap of Faith

Perspective Tricks 2 : Leap of Faith

I actually have audio for 5 of these recorded, and plans for …. lots more (it turns out that perspective is the kind of subject that goes on forever in all directions) … but I’m just not finding the time to make these.

Here I look at how to set up a scene that looks fine from one angle, but when you move the camera, it breaks apart.

Perspective Tricks 1: Scaling not scaling

Perspective Tricks 1 : Scaling not Scaling The first in a tutorial on some of the minutia on the rules of perspective. Special kudos to anyone who can explain the musical gag in the theme tune.