Eevee + Alpha : Volumetric Lighting

Creating volumetric lighting (or spotlights in the fog) in Blender with an alpha layer.

This concentrates on the creation of an alpha layer – there already tutorials on the volumetric lighting it’s self.

Eevee + Alpha : Smoke

A BUG-FIX IN BLENDER 2.8 HAS MADE THIS EASIER!!! Make sure that your version of Blender 2.8 was released on or after 3rd Jan 2019.

Rendering smoke with an alpha layer in Eevee is not straight forward – but it’s not that hard either. This tutorial assumes you’ve already made the smoke, and are now hunting for that elusive transparency.

The .blend files can be found here:

Note – 40% faster refers to the tutorial being 40% shorter – not counting intro and outro.

+Yvie Oddly in Eevee

Yvie Oddly in Eevee

The winner of season 11 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, eevee – the new (yep – still new) real-time render engine from Blender.