Material Greenscreen


Every so often it’s good to take a bit of greenscreen footage, place it like a cardboard cutout in a 3D scene, and do some nice smooth CG camera moves.

Now you can key out the greenscreen within material nodes!

Credits in order of appearance:
Little House by dono
Aquarius Loading theme from Super Carling the Spider by Joe Dixon
Floppy Disk Drive Write by mrauralization
Material Girl by Madonna arranged for C64 by Sami Sepp
Photo by Eugene Capon from Pexels
Peacock by Magdabed

Eevee + Alpha : Volumetric Lighting

Creating volumetric lighting (or spotlights in the fog) in Blender with an alpha layer.

This concentrates on the creation of an alpha layer – there already tutorials on the volumetric lighting it’s self.