Rust Inhaler – Grand Theft Artifacto

Interactive music video. Find your way through this mechanical moving maze.

Win Hearts and Minds

The strangest ever shooting gallery that morphs before your eyes – can be won by collecting all 8 awards for different styles of play.

Mudane Game

Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis (demo)


Unzip the zip file to a folder on your hard-drive, and double-click kafkagamedemo.

Cursor keys to move,
Space to jump,
Q to quit the game.

Space also starts the game.

Windows Version
Linux Version
Mac version

Game Technology Against Cancer

Download from GAMEJOLT

This is an interactive simulation of myeloma cancer cells inside the bone marrow and the destruction that it causes.

Your task is to prevent myeloma cell from spreading and maintain the health of the bone.

Two kinds of cells native to the bone are here to help you. Osteoclasts (bone resorbing cells) will dig out the damaged bone, making way for osteoblasts (bone building cells) to fill in with fresh bone. The myeloma cells secrete chemicals that attract osteoclasts while blocking osteoblasts, harming the balance between the two.

The team consists of:

Andrei Pambuccian – programmer
Mike Futcher – animator & artist
Andy Chantry – medical consultant
Cassie Limb – agent & grant application writer

Max Blox Mall

Demonstration of the Max Blox coding environment made by Studio Yogyog and Paintcoder, using the metaphor of a mall.

The Tax Guys

Claymation-style webvert.

A Graphic Guide to Groups

Guide to running effective groups based on John Adair’s Three Circles.

Tony Goddard : Mesuring Gravity

Yogdah Presents:
Measuring Gravity

Not exactly a lesson in how to measure acceleration due to gravity.

yogdah deedah yogyog tony goddard science physics maths algebra eccentric recluse gravity

The Brief Life of a Klein Bottle’s Two Halves (Asymmetricaly Split)

The Brief Life of a Klein Bottle’s Two Halves (Asymmetricaly Split)

Created under the direction of Nancy Hocking

What Is Anxiety?

Created for

How Hypnotherapy Works

An explanation of hypnotherapy, created for

My Approach To Counselling

Animated explanation of counselling made for

Animation and sound-design – Mike Futcher
Voice-over and script – Stephanie Futcher

Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts

Cells on the surface of the bone. We are currently working on a more advanced, interactive version of this.

You’ve Got A Nerve

Animation showing how nerves regrow after they are severed.

Created for Sheffield Festival of the Mind

Medical Consultant: Fiona Boissonade
Sculpter and Organiser: Cassie Limb
Animation: Mike Futcher

Kejiko – Viclarsen

Animated music video for Italian post-punk band Viclarsen, featuring wires, living sparks and glitches.

GraVil – March Of The Titans

March Of The Titans video featuring James McIlroy.

Izzy Reed Band – Day By Day

Music video shot in a classic, B+W style, in Mablethorpe.

Copius Productions – Taking No Soul

Copius Productions, yogdah, Blighering Genius – Taking No Soul

Page – MamuZEE

Collaboration with Peter Applerock and LightEngine Films. Me and Peter created the Colosseum and I got to cameo as Caesar!

Armoured Theory – Dead Man’s Hand

Animated music video for Armoured Theory depicting Wild Bill Hickok’s last card game – inspired by The Seventh Seal.

Kiff Island

We Sat apon Kiff Island…

Broken Commercials

Broken Commercials deformed proto-adverts found scavenging for publicity in the ventilation system of the marketing agency in which they was conceived. Broken Commercials often contain themes of self-mutilation.

Here are three.


A wildman morns the loss of his cat, and follows a light across the moors. Poem and voice Mark Gwynne Jones

Escape TV

Can you escape TV?


Post Apocalyptic string-and-bone puppetry and digital effects to the poetry and voice of Mark Gwynne Jones.

All Day I Dream About Sleep Deprivation

A steampunk Spiderdevice and a rude awakening.

Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts

Cells on the surface of the bone. We are currently working on a more advanced, interactive version of this.