Automated Anticipation in Blender

Leading in to Lipsinc for the Lazy Episode 3: Stopmotion Style I look at anticipation, reaction, and, for some reason, the smear frame.

The creation of anticipations and reactions before and after snappy movements can be semi-automated in Blender.

Maybe at some point I can start going through all the other animation principles. I also have some ideas for creating smear-frame rigs, but I currently have 4 other videos planned:

  1. Forms of Lipsinc (not so much a tutorial as a 5 min animation history lesson)
  2. Lipsinc for the Lazy Episode 3: Stopmotion Style
  3. Animating Eyes
  4. Lipsinc for the Lazy Episode 4: Motion Capture Data
  5. Put yer Hands in yer Pockets in Blender

Lipsinc for the Lazy in Blender 2: Realism

As promised – lazy lipsinc with realistic human models – from Makehuman, ManualBastioniLAB or wherever.

From MakeHuman to Blender with IK and Face Controls Tutorial

Personally, I’m using a model imported from Makehuman using this method ➡️
but other realistic humans are available.

The technique for lazy animation for realistic humans is a little different to lazy animation for more cartoony characters: The movement has to be more subtle.

00:55 – Creating shapekeys
08:45 – Setting up drivers
18:07 – Facial expression
19:15 – Recording body animation

I hope you all find this helpful.